Home for the Holidays

I’ve made it clear that I am a homebody, but I am definitely one during the holiday season.

The past two Thanksgivings we have elected to make reservations at a restaurant for dinner, because we can’t really host more than 4 people (including ourselves) for a formal sit-down dinner… and since we’ve moved, we can’t really host ourselves for a sit-down dinner because we lost our dining room and had to get rid of our table. It’s apart of the NYC lifestyle lol… although we don’t store shoes in our oven 😊

This Christmas it will be a party of two. We’ve put up a few decorations and look forward to an intimate holiday.

We found this reindeer at Target last year, and decided he had to be apart of our Holiday decor for years to come… meet Buckly!


We are newly weds this year, so this 2018 ornament is so appropriate! We started the annual ornaments last year when we got engaged.


These are some ornaments we collected on our honeymoon. The lighthouse is from Portland, Maine. The Mount Beacon ornament was actually a gift… I think lol. The Nova Scotia ornament speaks for itself! We also visited Boston, Bar Harbor, and St. Johns on our honeymoon, but we bought refrigerator magnets from those destinations.

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