The Riverdale Mystery

There’s no Archie Andrews here… although this is New York so you never know. I found out Kevin Bacon lived down the street from me (in my old neighborhood), when we both got off the train at the same stop and walked home in the same direction.

Nevertheless, I am talking about another Riverdale. It is one of the most northernmost neighborhoods in New York City, in the Borough of the Bronx. Nestled in between the Hudson River and Van Cortlandt Park, many wouldn’t dare call Riverdale, “The Bronx.” It is in a league of it’s own, and not quite like any other park of the City.

I went for a walk around this neighborhood on this cloudy morning and decided to take my camera with me. Let me start by saying walking is my favorite form of exercise. It’s so therapeutic. Sometimes I make my husband go with me… to his chagrin. I think he has flash backs of our first date where we walked around Central Park for 12 hours straight. He wore boots, and had to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that Thursday. Although we fell in love that day, his dogs were barking! Now most of my walks are solo… just me and my fitbit. Because I love the beauty of this neighborhood, I thought I would share it with you all…

Riverdale is a beautiful oasis in the Bronx. When most people think of the Bronx, they picture Yankee Stadium, elevated subway stations, apartment buildings, and maybe even skulls and bones! But it is so much more, and Riverdale is proof of that.

Most of Riverdale is filled with beautiful houses on tree lined streets—which my husband and I can’t afford to buy. We are renting a duplex right now, so we reap the benefits and beauty of this neighborhood without having forked out millions (or very high six figures).


Fieldston Historic District, and its “private streets” has some of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen… I didn’t get many pictures of the houses because I felt like I would get stopped by there private security that patrols the neighborhood.

As you make your way around to Manhattan College, there are glimpses of City life as you approach Broadway.


Van Cortlandt Park is the third largest park in NYC, even bigger than Central Park. We will explore it further on another day.

Jakes Steakhouse is where my husband and I went on our second date. I neglected to mention that we didn’t eat during our 12 hour first date in Central Park (I was too nervous to eat, even though I felt like I had known him forever). So he made sure the second date was centered around food.


If you are ever in the Bronx, make sure you get a slice of carrot cake from Llyod’s.


As I made my way back home, I admired this row of brick Tudor style homes.


7,500 steps later the mystery is solved. Call it Riverdale, call it The Bronx, whatever you call it, I call it home.

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